Frequently Asked Questions


Radiators Make Noise: Why are my radiators are making noise? Your radiators are probably making noise because there is air in your system. We’ll come out and fix your heating system.

Radiators and Paint: Is it ok to paint my radiator? It depends on whether your heating system is hot water or steam. Either way there are paints that are made for high heat. Check with your paint store.

Radiators are Cold: Why are some of my radiators cold and some are hot? You may have air in your system and sometimes the air will block your hot water from getting to various radiators in your house. We can visit your house and “bleed” the air from your system.

Radiators Leak: Some of my radiators drip water; should I be worried? A water leak from your radiator should be corrected.

Forced Air Heating and Allergies: Every time my furnace blower comes on, my eyes water and sometimes I start to sneeze. What can I do? You probably need to change your filter. We can come out to your house, clean and maintain your heating system. A clean furnace will help lower your heating costs and extend the life of your furnace.

Forced Air Heating and Noise: Every time my furnace turns on, there is a loud noise. Should I be concerned? Please call us and we will tell you what is wrong and give you an estimate of the cost to fix the problem.

No Hot Water: I don’­t have any hot water, what should I do? Check the thermostat on your hot water tank and make sure it is turned up. If that doesn’­t work, call us and weíll come out to your house.

Central Air Conditioning Does Not Work: I turned my central air conditioning, but nothing happened. Can you fix the problem? We will come out to your house and analyze your problem.

No Heat: I turn on my thermostat, but nothing happens. It’s below freezing and I’m worried. What should I do? Call us at 440.582.0438 or 216.631.0222. In the meantime, slightly open your faucets on the hot and cold water. Let them run until we arrive.

Bonding, Insurance, and Registered: Are you bonded? Do you have insurance? Are you registered with the State of Ohio? Yes, we are bonded and have insurance. We are also registered with the State of Ohio. We can provide you with any documentation.

Maintenance Contract: What is a maintenance contract and why do I need it?With a maintenance contract we will prepare your furnace prior to the cold season and prepare your central air conditioning prior to the summer months. A maintenance contract will give that peace of mind that your heating and air conditioning systems will be ready for any type of weather. We have plans that will meet your budget and individual needs.

Natural Gas Smell: I smell gas when my furnace comes on or I just smell some gas, what should I do? Leave your house immediately, do not smoke, do not light matches, do not turn any electrical appliances or lights on or off, do not operate a flash light, and do not use your telephone. Go to a neighbor’­s house to call your natural gas supplier. DO NOT RE-ENTER YOUR HOUSE UNTIL YOUR GAS COMPANY GIVES YOU THE OK!

Gas Company Will Not Turn On My Gas Until Problems Are Fixed: I had a natural gas leak and the gas company came out and turned off my gas. They told me that my gas pipes needed to be replaced or fixed. I thought the gas company would do the work. Can you help me? Typically, your gas company does not usually fix problems within your house. We can come out and give you an estimate of the cost for fixing your problem. No job is too large or small. We’­re here to help you.

Outdoor Natural Gas Grill or Natural Gas Light Doesn’t Work: My outdoor natural gas grill or outdoor natural gas light doesn’­t work. Can you fix it? First, shut off the gas from the inside of your house and do not continue to try to use it. We can fix it if the fixtures are not propane or electrical.

Where can I learn about saving energy and “green” building principles? You can learn about energy star guidlines at EnergyStar.